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Debit your clients safely and efficiently

Softy Comp gives you a variety of options to collect money adhering to the safest industry standards without compromising flexibility.

Access your account and collection from anywhere

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Debit Order

Debit Order Services

Easily load, track and reconcile your client’s monthly debit order payments using EFT, NAEDO and DebiCheck platforms.

Card payment

Card Payment Services

There’s never been a wiser way to help your clients and customers pay - introducing Purple Owl Payments.


Take the hassle out of paperwork and client authentication with Mobi-mandate – available on all smart devices.

“Programming is more than an art. It is a undertaking into the foundation of knowledge.”

- Roelof Jansen Van Vuuren, CTO

"We've always had an active interest in our clients' businesses and we treat them like family. This has been our key to success."

- Billy Pienaar, CEO

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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce in a way no company could have imagined. In fact, in many instances, it has brought 3-5-year sales projections forward in just a matter of months. “Many businesses are already living in the future,” said Gerrit Smit, Partner - Head of Equity Management at Stonehage Fleming UK, in a recent webinar for clients.

Covid-19 has impacted us in many ways, including the way in which we shop. As e-commerce surges and the landscape continues to shift, will brick-and-mortar shopping fall by the wayside?

When choosing partners in the payment space, there’s more than just the obvious to consider.