Software Development

Full service turn-key applications

Our company – for the last 20 years – has built up extensive knowledge of product development. During this time we have developed and maintained a series of products. To many of our software service clients, our personal experience dealing with end users has been the edge that differentiates us from other software development providers. This experience has taught us many important lessons when it comes to developing turn-key applications and keeping them competitive for the long term, for example:

Business functionality guides technology prowess:

We have developed the ability to listen to a market and conceive applications that fulfill a business need, not just a technical requirement. We understand software is a tool that serves a business purpose, not an end in itself.

Maintainability and pliability are key:

Softy Comp understands the importance of developing high quality code, which is well documented and easy to maintain. Applications are constantly mutating in response to the client's changing reality.

Turn-key products from conception to deployment:

We effectively manage complex software projects from their inception, through their conception and design, across their iterative development, and towards their final deployment and on-going maintenance. Being able to provide the full package, under world class methodologies and practices.

We have listened to clients directly:

The feedback of more than 50,000 individuals using our applications to date, has taught us the fundamental importance of friendly UI. We know how to design software that is aesthetically pleasing and is fundamentally intuitive to use.