Full service turn-key applications

Most of our products are industry specific, and cater for the high demands required in the specific industries. Ranging from Financial Systems to Point of Sale Systems, our systems have been utilised for years on end, and updated as technology required, thus providing stable platforms from which to expand in the South African market.

Softy Comp Intelligent Processing (SCIP):

Working with debit order collections requires sound business rules and structures. Softy Comp Intelligent Processing (SCIP) was specifically created to cater for the difficulties experienced with collections concerning defaults, handling of outstanding collections, and the business rules around it.

Gymlink Gym Management Systems:

Gymlink was specifically created for gymnasiums operating within South Africa. Not only does it cater for normal access requirements of members, but also fully incorporates debit order functionality utilising Softy Comp debit order facilities.

Book-It Holiday Resort Booking System:

Book-It uses know-how of South African holiday destination, to provide custom software for all resorts and companies requiring a booking system to organise visitor bookings as well as allocation of available units.

RESCO Restaurant Management System:

Restaurants, bars and clubs, require systems making staff fast and efficient, as well as good backend management of stocks and menu item allocations and levels, and reports for owners to follow.

Softy Comp Operational Reconciliation Environment (SCORE):

Online system created specifically for companies who do not have databases, and require the use of debit order collections for, full automation of collecting business rules, as well as client history, reports, and other relevant services.